A Dependent Church in the Diablo Valley

We believe God heals people of physical disorders and emotional pain. We invite you to experience the love of God through His healing touch by calling 925-432-1301 to make an appointment to meet with the Pastor and his wife.

(Click HERE for testimonies of physical and emotional healing)


Healing Testimonies

Carlton Senior Living - 175 Cleaveland Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94598 


SUNDAY MORNINGS - Fellowship and Worship

PREPARATION SUNDAY is normally held on the last Sunday of the month but can occur on different Sundays throughout the year. On this Sunday worship songs are not prepared before hand. Instead the congregation is given the ability to choose which songs they would like to sing. A list of Hymns and Praise Songs from which to choose are provided during the worship service.

FELLOWSHIP AND WORSHIP - 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Led by Pastor Dan Burris. We are currently studying Biblical fathers and the impact they had on their sons.

LOCATION: Carlton Senior Living Facility - 175 Cleaveland Road, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 (pictured above). As you walk in the main entrance we will either be holding our service directly ahead in the "Living Room" or down the hall to your right in the Craft Room. Click HERE for directions.


What We Believe


The Refiner's Ministry