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A reading of the New Testament reveals the life and ministry of Jesus is predominately characterized by two tandem elements: teaching and healing. It will come as no surprise, therefore, to learn Jesus’ first disciples, The Apostles, carried on his model by teaching and healing as well.

What may be surprising is that while the Body of Christ over recent centuries has seen the ministry of Christian teaching grow with ubiquitous strength, the partner practice of Christian healing, particularly here in the United States, has diminished so much in many circles that it has almost fully disappeared.

Historically, we can be thankful for a scarlet thread of healing ministry which has persisted through the Roman Catholic tradition, through some Reformed movements, by way of the more recent Pentecostal family, and subsequently embraced by Charismatic Renewal expressions.

These multiple strands of Christian healing have their own characteristics, understandings, and methods which, while taken as a whole are positive, yet the very variety of expressions tends to make the subject of healing somewhat confusing.

Reading Pastor Dan Burris’ book will take you on an approachable, well-researched pathway to exploring this very necessary topic of Christian faith, teaching, and practice. At each point you will find the author to be transparent in his own experience, considerations, and conclusions. You also will find his writing easy to read as well as informed, reasoned, and balanced. Many of your questions will be addressed in this book and I believe most will have clarifying, satisfying answers.

Rev. Dan Prout
President, Sierra Ministries

For Several years I have wanted to write a book about my journey into the ministry of Christian Healing. It was a long journey taking place over the course of several decades. My purpose in writing this book is to encourage all believers in Christ to use the authority God has given them to administer healing in His name. 


Before any healing ministry can begin one must believe that God can and does heal today. I did not start out with this believe; in fact I believed the exact opposite. But when I witnessed with my own eyes the undeniable proof of God’s healing power today I began a search to discover the truth for myself.

The Scriptures tell us that “Faith comes from hearing and hearing by the word of Christ” (Romans 10:17). It is my hope that as I lay out the Biblical basis and the provision made through Christ for healing, you too will come to acknowledge that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Hebrews 13:8).

I make no attempt to present myself as an expert in the area of Christian healing. Others have much more experience in this area than I, gained over many more years in the healing ministry. While I acknowledge their influence in my life, my sole purpose in writing this book is to simply provide an overview of healing for the person who is new to this ministry and to answer some of the concerns and questions with which I struggled when I was first exposed to the Christian healing ministry. My hope is that by telling my story others can avoid some of the pitfalls I encountered and move at a much faster pace to embrace the principles of healing laid out in the Bible.

What We Believe


“If we talked more of God's wondrous works, we should be free from talking of other people's works. It is easy to criticize those we could not rival, and carp at those we could not emulate. He who could not carve a statue, or make a single stroke of the chisel correctly, affects to point out where the handicraft of the greatest sculptor might have been improved. It is a poor, pitiful occupation, that of picking holes in other people's coats, and yet some people seem so pleased when they can perceive a fault, that they roll it under their tongue as a sweet morsel." (Spurgeon)

"I confess that this was my approach after picking up your manuscript. With the reading of less than 30 pages and looking for flaws, misunderstandings, and even grammatical mistakes, I stand condemned by the above.

"After another two nights of reading your work, I'm convinced that the hand of God and the influence of His Holy Spirit were working in your life. I'm looking forward to the completion of my reading and subsequent application of its content
. (G)
“I was very impressed by the ease of your writing and yet the depth in which you covered a difficult subject concisely. You also made it wonderfully practical. It would be a great handbook for those just starting out in the healing ministry!” (J)
“I just finished reading your book and so enjoyed it. I thought it was written well and addressed important questions we all ask. Love that it was all backed up with scripture.” (S) 
“Congratulations on bringing this book to completion - it will help many. Well done.” (R)


To request a copy of this book use the CONTACT page on this site. Using the Contact Form enter the name of the book as the Subject and provide your name and address in the Comments section. The book is free with a donation of $10.00 or more.  (256 pages)