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A Dependent Church in the Diablo Valley


"I had stumbled in the dark and fallen into a concrete ditch several days ago and could not bend my knee. Pain was at a level 6. After about ten minutes of ministry, I was amazement and laughed because the pain had vanished. I then tried to bend my knee. There was an audible pop which startled all of us. Still no pain. I then walked on the leg, paused, and bent my knee up to my waist. Absolutely no pain and no immobility. I am perfectly fine. Jesus is in the healing business!" (Marissa)

"I have muscle spasms and possible tears.  After being prayed for I feel a release of pressure.  I am more flexible.  I felt the pressure leaving from my head, going down my neck, and out my fingers as commanded by my healers (ministry team).  Praise God!" (Kristine)

"I had extreme pain in right wrist. I could not flex my wrist without a sharp pain to the point of dropping things. Today there is no pain." (Ron)

"I could not lift my arm, right shoulder pain at a level 3-8 when trying to raise arm to the side. After I was prayed for - no more pain. I can lift arm over my head. I feel great, very close to complete healing." (Vinnie)

"There is a knot were my middle finger joins the hand. It was full of pain at the touch and about the size of a walnut. The first time they prayed I was having to deal with my own thoughts and emotions by making adjustments in my own heart. Then I asked the team to pray for my unbelief, 'O believe, help my unbelief'. The second time they prayed there was a confidence, an assurance tat came over me. I asked if they would pray one more time. Each time prayer was offered there was a definite change in the size of the knot. I believe I received what I asked for. You can barley tell the knot is there, by touch or feel. Maybe some scarring left. Just like Jesus. He still bears the scars. (Mike)

"I had a cough, strong tension headache and pain in neck and shoulders from muscle tension. Now the headache is gone and tension in neck and shoulders."  (Jason)

The Refiner's Ministry

We believe God heals people of physical disorders and emotional pain. We invite you to experience the love of God through His healing touch by calling 925-432-1301 to make an appointment to meet with the Pastor and his wife.

The following testimonies are taken from those to whom the pastor and his wife have ministered as well as training seminars and other healing ministries in which the pastor of The Refiner's Ministry and his wife are active participants. All testimonies are printed with the permission of the receiver.
"I went for prayer for my back, knees , and hips. I have degenerative joint disease which is genetic in my family. We addressed the symptom of pain in my right buttock, and prayed for the degeneration to stop. We went deeper into forgiveness of my father for a specific trauma at age 13, where I experienced pain, fear, abandonment, betrayed trust and anger. The knot in my solar plexis is now released. As Jesus showed me the truth of that time (age 13) I experienced joy in the knowledge that God has and never will abandon me. Praise the Lord." (Linda)

"I lived life for 50+ years with a feeling of being rejected and not wanted. I was adopted as an infant, never knowing my biological parents. Even though my adoptive parents expressed they loved me, I couldn't quite believe that they wanted and loved me. The feeling of rejection was always in the background. My life was a roller coaster of emotions, being depressed most of the time; feeling I was unloved, not worthy of love, having a very low self-esteem and always lonely.  I couldn't truly trust people and guarded all relationships because I didn't believe that they could possibly love me or that I deserved to be loved.  I thought I wanted to meet my biological parents because I needed a connection to something in order to feel complete.

Through inner healing, God showed me how much HE loves me, how much HE cares for me and how worthy I am to HIM, that I am HIS precious child.  The connection I have is a relationship with Jesus and I now know that God placed me in the family HE wanted me to be a part of.

Once I forgave my biological parents I have been able to accept things in myself that I never dreamed of.  I was finally allowed to throw away all of those nagging feelings of rejection that I carried around, sometimes without even being aware of it - that I was not wanted, not loved, didn't deserve to be loved, didn't deserve even to exist. God has shown me that I was loved from the beginning.

I have been healed in the most unimaginably profound way; I feel a wholeness I have never known before! Not only do I feel God's comforting presence but I feel His warm, caring, supportive, loving arms surrounding me in a way I've never felt before.

Once I received HIS love, the freedom I've experience because of what God has done for me is incredible. I am no longer guarded in my relationships and the things that use to trigger my negative responses don't control me anymore. God’s love and truth has set me free."

"I have been distraught over my daughter’s passing; I would begin crying at the slightest mention or hint related or associated with my void/her absence.  I carried guilt, resentment and anger – displaced towards family members. During prayer I felt surrounded by a - ring (cloud/mist), softly cushioned.  The heaviness, tightened muscles, burden was lifted.  As I left and sit here quietly alone I feel my burdens removed with a sense of quiet, peaceful, optimism.  Thank you Father!"